ServiceMaster by Stratos
  • Memphis, TN, USA

Facility Supervisor
Primary Function: Manage assigned facility

1. Ensure all employees are properly trained, uniformed, and thoroughly familiar with their respective facility.
2. Record and communicate doors found unlocked, unusual occurrences or damage in the facility.
3. Customer requests are reviewed, addressed, and responded to.
4. Ensure employees are in assigned areas and performing to service specifications.
5. Manage required work order projects.
6. Ensure that periodic cleaning is complete.
7. Conduct facility inspections and document as required.
8. Conduct monthly service partner safety meetings.
9. Review supply usage, product status and condition of equipment.
10. Ensure external and internal building security and lighting requirements are adhered to.
11. Communicate any personnel issues or shortages.
12. Provide support and effective two-way communication with employees.
13. Retrain employees when necessary, including safety and job standards.

ServiceMaster by Stratos
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