ServiceMaster by Stratos
  • Tuscaloosa, AL, USA

POSITION TITLE: Floor Tech (Part Time 7:00PM-11:00PM M-F)


  1. Vacuum using backpack vac and damp mop hard surface floors.
  2. Buff or burnish hard surface floors as outlined in task schedule following company-approved procedure.
  3. Spot clean and complete carpet cleaning as outlined in task schedule following company-approved procedure.
  4. Perform normal service partner responsibilities as required.
  5. Conduct all work in accordance with customer and company safety rules.
  6. Use all products in accordance with MSDS.
  7. Participate in special cleaning projects as directed by management.
  8. Use walk behind and riding floor sweepers and scrubbers, propane burnishers, strippers, and, rotos.
  9. Use pressure washer


  1. Must be able to read and comprehend client, company and safety communications.
  2. All work preformed will be done standing or walking for periods up to 4 hours.
  3. Required to bend and stoop frequently.
  4. Lifting of boxes, trash bags, equipment, etc., is required with maximum weight of 75 pounds.
  5. Ability to push and pull carts, trash barrels, vacuum cleaners and mop with a 32 oz. wet mop.
  6. Use of ladder may be required.
  7. Ability to walk, sweep, mop, and move equipment up and down multiple flights of stairs throughout work shift.
ServiceMaster by Stratos
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